About Us

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The staff at Chino Valley Pharmacy have worked in retail for many years. We have experienced the good and the bad of retail pharmacy. Large corporations have complicated the practice of pharmacy, and taken away the personable feel many look for. We want to take care of the people we serve, helping in any way possible.

It brightens up our day when someone leaves the pharmacy with a smile, and knowing they have been cared for. We are always free to answer a question, give advice, make a recommendation and evaluate ways we can help or save someone money. We desire fill the important role in healthcare that a pharmacy has the potential to do.

Chino Valley Pharmacy was formed to cater to the needs of this community. Chino Valley Pharmacy is independently owned and operated. Many people who have relied upon a "mom and pop" pharmacy miss the personal feel, which we provide. We offer many services that set us apart from competitors.

We would love to service you and your needs. Personalized service is what most are looking for and is a great need in this community. We commit to providing excellent service and setting ourselves apart from the rest.